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Star Wars: Desperate Times

My spec script for the Star Wars live action TV show, which was initiated in 2005 and has been in fluctuating stages of development ever since. When I wrote this back in 2007 there was very little information about what the series would entail. It was known that it would take place between the old and new trilogies, that it would be more ‘adult’ in nature, and that it might feature Boba Fett or Shaak Ti, an obscure Jedi from the prequels. So I wrapped all those elements into the script.

I am of the generation that grew up with the original trilogy. It had a huge influence on me as a child, and though as I got older I was better able to see the flaws in it, it still has a special place in my heart. I have always felt that there must be a large audience of people like me who grew up with the movies, but whose tastes have matured and who would love to see more complex human issues tackled in the universe they came to love so well. So I tried to write a show with some area of gray between the Light and Dark sides. At this point in the history, the Jedi have nearly been destroyed; it follows that the few who remain might be tempted to abandon their principles in their desperation to save the last remnants of their order.

Meanwhile, the new Empire is encroaching on everyone…

Star Wars: Desperate Times

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Posted: June 22, 2013


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