James Borda Writer, Game and Interaction Designer

Zaha Hadid 520 W 28th Street Sales Gallery


AV&C was brought in by Hush to execute their media design for this prestigious sales center. Representing Zaha Hadid’s first building in New York, the sales center had to make a dramatic statement that communicated Hadid’s pioneering architectural vision.

The highlight of the sales center is 30-foot curved media screen, which was designed to match the unique curved windows of the building design. Sales representatives control the media via an iPad interface.

I was responsible for programming the media for the screen. This consists of numerous audio and video files displayed in TouchDesigner with Python scripting to coordinate them. The media files are called through JSON commands relayed through AV&C’s proprietary conductor platform, which relays the commands from the iPad.


Project Details

Client: Hush, AV&C

Date: 09/15/2015