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New York Parking Signs

I have a car, and it is my misfortune to sometimes have to drive around New York. And the worst part of it, by far, is parking. When there is traffic piling up behind you, and a miracle space appears, you are often faced with a sign like this:

New York Parking Signs

Whatever day or time it is as you read this, see how long it takes you to figure out whether you could park in this space. Now imagine doing it while traffic builds up behind you, horns blaring.

The key piece of information you want to know is time-based: can I park here NOW? (And secondarily, how long can I stay parked before I get in trouble?)

So I redesigned the parking signs as a series of 24-hour clock faces. Midnight is at the top, noon at the bottom, and each pie wedge represents a swath of time where different rules are in effect. You simply need to find your day (which will always appear in order, accounting for overlapping days), then find your current time on the clock. Bingo.

Anyone a friend of Bloomberg?

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