James Borda Writer, Game and Interaction Designer


iCrea8 was a start-up with a very clever idea: it built an app which would stitch a 3D model out of a series of mobile phone pictures. You could make models of yourself and your friends, and then your own image would be the avatar inside a 3D game.

I was hired to create a 3D dance experience which featured some captured 3D characters. It was an android app built in Unity 3D which allowed you to swipe through various exotic locations, while your avatar bellydanced, breakdanced, and Gangnam-style danced to music appropriate for the setting. I also laid the groundwork for an endless runner game in which you find yourself crash-landed on a dinosaur planet, running for your life.

Finally, I built marketing materials for the company which included a video of the game experiences, an instructional video on how to use the app, T-shirts and business cards, and a 3D print to show off the possibilities of the technology. iCrea8 was a big hit at appsworld 2014. One attendee said it was ‘the craziest thing he’d seen at the conference.’

We squeezed as much as we could out of a very tight timeline and budget, and gained some interest from potential venture capital partners, but unfortunately the project had to be suspended before finances were secured.

Project Details

3D Modeling
Unity 3D