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Algorithms – Week 8 – Paper Abstracts

I’ve forked again, and now have two possible directions I am considering. I wrote an abstract for each:

Tragedy of the Commons Abstract

We combine two classic simulation models — agent-based modeling and genetic algorithms — to observe whether a group of autonomous agents, acting with limited knowledge in their own self-interest, can nevertheless frame societal rules of resource extraction such that a limited resource base is conserved indefinitely. In doing so, we introduce an abstract legal framework to the agent society, which the agents alter through democratic deliberation. We observe whether globalized political interactions (in which all agents can confer regardless of locality) increases or decreases the chances of finding a sustainable solution.

Medical Diagnosis Abstract

Inspired by genetic algorithms, we propose a model for a distributed, software-based social decision-making algorithm that allows agents with limited knowledge to pool information to solve complex problems. A simulation of the algorithm is presented, with suggestions as to how it could be applied to the real-world problem of diagnosing and treating complex medical problems.



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Posted: March 22, 2012


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